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Winter on Exmoor... but Spring is on its way..

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Here we are in the depths of Winter, with the added misery of Lockdown 3 and restrictions on travel affecting everyone's plans to get out and about. Yet even now, if you look, you can see early signs that Spring will soon be with us and, as restrictions are relaxed, more people will have the freedom to enjoy the countryside and places like Exmoor. A good time then to plan ahead.

The days are getting longer now, birds have started singing as they look to secure their territory and early bulbs, like snow drops and crocuses are peeping through the grass.

There's nothing better than an early start on a crisp, frosty morning to catch Exmoor at its best, even in Winter. Having somewhere warm and cosy to come home later, makes all the difference too.

If you are starting to plan beyond Lockdown and thinking of a holiday or just a short break, then get in touch. We want to make our guests feel welcome and safe and get the best from their stay.


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