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Days out on Exmoor - Snowdrop Valley a special treat for nature lovers

Updated: Jan 26

After a long and dark Winter, February at Snowdrop Valley on Exmoor is a special treat for any nature lover. Snowdrops are bursting up and into flower, in gardens, woodlands and hedgerows all round Exmoor, providing a welcome reminder that Spring is not far off, but to see thousands of them in all their natural glory visitors and holidaymakers head to Snowdrop Valley.

At Snowdrop Valley you’ll find drifts of snowdrops stretch up and away along the banks of a small stream cascading down the hill. The snowdrops, which were thought to have medicinal properties, were planted there long ago by a religious order and have since spread naturally across the stream’s banks, filling the valley with delicate white and green flowers. The land is privately owned, but opened up every February so the public can enjoy this marvelous spectacle.

From Woodleigh Cottage it’sa 15-20 min drive to Wheddon Cross where you can park.There’s a signed footpath to guide you down - good boots and warm clothing are recommended. The walk is about one mile each way.

Some of the paths are steep and, depending on the weather, can be muddy. So if you are not up for a walk then a Land Rover private hire taxi service is also available to be booked in advance on some days with Red Stag Safari owner Andrew Turner.

This year’s visitors are being warned of a road closure on the B3224 between Exford and Wheddon Cross which will take them on a diversion via Winsford and mean a longer journey.

Anybody who wants to know more about the event can email or call 07593 199021 or 01643 84122

Maps of the walks are available from the parking kiosk.The kiosk is staffed from 9.30 – 4.30.

Snowdrop Valley is well worth visiting. We make sure we visit every year and it’s a great opportunity to take a wonderful range of photographs of this beautiful landscape.

Get in touch, if you would like to know more about Snowdrop Valley and Exmoor and to book your stay at Woodleigh Cottage (sleeps up to 4 guests).

Bill & Jane

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