• Bill

2020 - a year to remember

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Its been a traumatic year for so many people as the social distancing and travel restrictions have affected the lives of millions across the United Kingdom and beyond. We planned to launch this website for our holiday homes earlier this year and put all that on hold as lockdown led to people cancelling family holidays and short breaks, celebrations and weddings. All the great reasons why people have come to stay at Woodleigh and Woodlands in the past few years.

As those restrictions are lifted we would like to welcome you to Exmoor and to our homes which we hope you will enjoy staying in and to our town, Dulverton, which has so much to offer visitors.

Whether you choose a bracing walk, or a quiet read in the gardens, or a meal at home or eating out, we hope you enjoy the chance to relax, unwind, put aside your worries and concerns. Yes, you need to keep your distance, put a mask on in the shops and all that, but where you don't breathe deeply in the fresh air, take in the views and wonder at nature and the beauty of Exmoor.

We look forward to making you welcome.